The 2023 Argentum & Lument Largest Providers Report gives you data and information from one of the most turbulent years ever experienced in the senior living industry. See what has changed among providers, discover the results of our survey, and learn about upcoming provider growth.

What's Included?
  • 150 Largest Providers
  • 50 Largest Providers by Operational Capacity
  • 30 Largest Assisted Living Providers
  • 30 Largest Independent Living Providers
  • 30 Largest Memory Care Providers
  • 15 Largest CCRC Providers by Number of Properties
  • Changes since the 2022 report

Get the numbers: Find out how U.S. senior living providers rank in size by number of units, how many employees they have, what types of care they offer, and more.

Get the context: See highlights of provider growth and the results of our survey.

The report also provides timely information on important topics including: major market changes, inflation disruption, technologies revolutionizing the industry, a workforce outlook, a look at progress for women in leadership positions and insight into the Argentum strategic plan.

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The 2023 Argentum & Lument Largest Providers Report is sponsored by Accushield.